Sales policy, delivery, and billing responsibility.

It is understood that when purchasing any of our products the customer accepts the terms, conditions and policies specified below:

Sales Policy:
1. Due to no fault of the product, it is possible that this may not be available for various causes such damage, shipping delays from suppliers, etc. Also prices are subject to change without notice and does not include VAT.
2. The products presented in the images may vary slightly in shape, type of base and accessories that has the product, this is due to the constant changes of our suppliers. However, Digital Tecnoprint is committed wherever possible to meet or exceed the product sold, always for the benefit of the customer.
3. The customer is obliged to settle the entire product before it is shipped. Payment can be made by wire transfer or credit card.
4. The customer must provide full details of the recipient address, in case the customer does not have the full address may support the customer to find the address provided this be a place of business, company or places for commercial, government assistance or nature are of public interest, for this the customer must provide at least the phone company or office.
5. Digital Tecnoprint reserves the right to deliver information to the customer in this case incurred in delivering part of their identity or misleading information.

6. To make a purchase or order is necessary that the user is registered.

7. There are several states where you can find an order:

7.1- Backordered: You are waiting for confirmation of payment for shipping or firm order.

7.2- Order accepted: Payment order is confirmed and proceeds to ship the product.

7.3- Order Canceled: Order canceled in the system not having made the payment for any payment system.

8. The electronic bill formats created by the system are only for monitoring purposes. The (s) invoice (s) for tax purposes will be sent to deliver the product.

9. The offer price will be subject to the period stipulated in the same and / or while supplies last.

10. deliver times vary depending on product availability.

Delivery Policy
All orders are shipped after verification of deposit account. And delivered preferably at the next Business Day after the check until 19pm.
The products are delivered according to the following delivery policies:
11. Products in stock:
11.1- Orders placed Monday through Thursday from 00h to 14h are preferably delivered the next business day until 19pm.
Orders placed 11.2- Thursday from 15h and Friday are preferably delivered the following Monday or business day.
11.3- Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday and preferably delivered on Tuesday.
11.4- Orders placed on holidays or vacation period will be processed the next working day i is preferably delivered the next day processing.
12. Wholesale Products:
· Depending on the number of units requested delivery delay between 2-15 days.

13. The service fee covers only home delivery, so the occurrence of any situation that prevents us deliver this and that is not attributable to us, will have to cover another charge of home delivery. The customer is obliged to provide the necessary information of the recipient, so the absence of data or error, the company is not liable. At a direction and not find anyone who can receive in that direction will be held the following:
13.1 Should be a relative or an employee of the place either left home or office with receiving arrangement at home, signing this responsible, the driver take note of who received it, the time and the relationship the recipient, if the workplace be the name of the receptionist or guard will be taken in his absence.
13.2.- Should be no one in 1 driver will wait 10 min. for delivery of the array, if not found anyone will contact a neighbor to do us the favor of giving the arrangement indicating to whom it is addressed, then we will contact the recipient by telephone to confirm the
delivery arrangement.
13.3.- If there are no neighbor or receiving refusal of this, a notice will be left in the recipient's address notifying you contact us for the delivery of this. Also we try to notify the customer by phone what happened or via email.
14. Delivery times are preferential and non-compulsory schedules, however we are aware that the quality of service we seek to provide, depends to a large extent we make our deliveries on time, so we make a great effort so is.

15. The customer is obliged to provide the necessary recipient information. Any error or lack of information, Tecnoprint Digital will not be liable.
16. It is your responsibility to verify that the recipient is in these times.
17. You agree that should be someone to receive the product in this range and further agree that this range can not be closed. Also you agree that if you need a schedule that includes a tighter schedule or a specific time should contact Digital Tecnoprint telephone to verify this possibility.
18. Digital Tecnoprint not accept as special schedules commitment to the customer type in the fields of the order form and only answer as it marked commitment in the field defined for this (range of hours). The customer agrees that it shall always contact by phone with Digital Tecnoprint in case you need a special schedule for the delivery of your product.
Limit and responsibility
19. Digital Tecnoprint not liable for purchases made with credit cards without permission of the owner or stolen; it is understood that the person making the purchase is fully empowered to carry out the transaction and therefore Digital Tecnoprint can not deny the transactions online without the consent of the owner or stolen card fraud which is punishable is established for the legislation.
20. Digital Tecnoprint not under any circumstances accept any payment unrecognized by the customer for the lack of knowledge of how receivables or disagreements with the delivery. The fact establish a claim with the bank knowing with this purchase involves a suspicion of potential fraud so with the order information, signing the settlement receipt from the recipient and phone records shall be sufficient evidence to verify that He conducted a fraud with the bank and this can cancel your credit immediately. then it will be vital always contact us to clarify any point.

21. Any situation not covered by these policies, shall be resolved by the administrative area of Tecnoprint Digital. At all times it is verified under the philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction, compliance with our agreements with the understanding that we exist external agents that prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.

Billing Policy

22. Natural or Legal Customer may request sending the invoice to e-mail records in purchasing. Everything will be done under strict request. Having no instruction our hotel bill and keep only the person making the order may apply to their identification.
23. No change in the invoice data will be made, whether in dates, senders or forwarded in any way.

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